Impolite Society


What a strange name for a publication founded in an American capital of etiquette, and in a town that fancies herself like a hostess. It’s quite lovely to know I live in the bosom of a geisha, my dear Savannah. She does enchant but she’s also quite dirty, perhaps part of the allure. 

I decided to launch this to throw a baseball through the overtone window. The window about what is acceptable to talk about. For the while, I’ll decide to keep it a bit kosher like a Valasic pickle with just a drop of lard. Don’t worry we’ll go in deep later on, but when we leave the cave we tend to find what we thought would be a saving light looking more like the horrible face of Cthullu. We hurdle under a ramshackle tent and think it was better than the sturdy cave we came from with its comfortable familiar shadows. Call me conservative but when the forum of acidic ideas shocks you out of the old ideas I’m not the type that throws the baby out with the bath water. Again ‘tis best now to just peak through the curtains. 


I’m intending for this to be a weekly, or maybe rather an everyonce and a while magazine that wants to be a weekly… I don’t know I’ll get back to you after I have some wine. We here who live in Savannah and do not have “normal jobs” tend to behave like Italians with a bit more honesty, and a bit less drama. I’ll see you at 6 perhaps. In practice I show up at 7 maybe 8 we don’t care. Its to pretty outside to make a fuss. When its not pretty, it’s damn hot. Throwing a fuss in the middle of summer will put you in the hospital for a heat stroke. Perhaps this Mediterranean mentality gives us the liberty to call this Impolite Society “The Savannian”. The thinking man’s and the fun man’s weekly. I don’t know we’ll see if it takes off. 

Who is it for? Well I suppose Classical Liberals and “Cultural Libertarians” that is people who would like a lively, and dramatic forum that have a love of the fight and a disgust for the social sterility evoked by the Democratic and Diverse Peoples Republic of Progredytes. That’s who its for now. We’ll see where it goes. It may get hijacked by others. I don’t know. 

But Classical liberal doesn’t have much of a ring to it. It needs some Ad Man’s work done to it. How about, Good Ole’ Liberals. Disciples of Hume and Smith, Burke and Toqueville, Hayek and Popper etc. For those folks who call themselves libertarians at cocktail parties but don’t suffer from a debilitating mental illness common in the Alex Jones types and the end is nigh folks. Of course we are not the Ayn Rand followers who think that any form of communitiarian behavior is the highest form of irrationality and evil, even though such behavior is what has shown to be foundational for the survival of the species. 

This will be artisanal. No pushing the subpar, the in-authentic, the corporate board-to-the-factoryine-junk. No bending over to the advertisers. Everyone is open game, open targets. Anything advertised must be used by somebody writing in “Impolite”. 


As for me I’m intentionally messy. I like it that way.  I enjoyed the look and the composition of the Unquiet Grave by Cyril Colony. It’s a mess, a chaos of gems. Tis my style. Savannah attracts and enchants most in its most organic and “healthy-messy” places. The Stone Stairs of Death Neighborhood. The trees staging a Reconquista. I’m in love. May I live in accordance with nature, may I live in accordance with Savannah.


May the MC introduce himself 

Perhaps me being originally from ‘Jersey has led me to this. You must know that capital of straight talk. I’ve been in Georgia for ~15 years now, and there’s many Jersey features that I’ve decided it was best to remove. For instance, the accent that sounds like a heard of cats protesting. “Lets go daawn to da Shaaawr.” I’ve even taken on the Yes Sir, Yes Mamn which is oh so polite. But the straight talk must stay, its the closest thing to a sword one can have in a not so violent society, one that’s used by crusaders from all camps. 

I would say I’m a venially demonic devout catholic. I swear, I yell, I tell folks to go to hell, I act like a buffoon in public, but as the Don Nassim Taleb may say, surface volatility is a sign of deep stability. But I’ll say this I’m a catholic in simillar way Montaigne and Eriugena are Catholic. I trust in God but I am in close to complete doubt, and my mind is in comfortable convention with Him… eh not being. You could call me a quasi-atheist perhaps, definitely agnostic, the world is what it is, what I ask is “what gets the job done?” I say the idea is to play the part that gets put on your platter. If I am any “atheist” consider me of the classical and ancient kind, something that “militant sceularists” seem to not be able to imagine. But I do worship something, everyone who has existential drive does. Many modernfolk seem to be Eudaemonic-Hedonistic worshipers. Bow to fulfillment and pleasure. Angry left wing millenials appear to worship a poor-fat-brownskinned-disabled-trans Mars who at the sight of beautiful and talented, Appollo and Aphrodite can’t wait to throw their spears. The cult of Mammon was popular for a while, “Prosperity Theology” Praise Jesus! And Dale Carnegie, and Kevin O’Leary, the cults Pontif ex, king of the sharks. Decadence! I choose life, if I have any God its life. Deus et Viva. Which in practice is what I find all Catholics really worship.  Deus et Agape? That title must bend over to life. Life first then agape. Those who do not worship life, survival, the will to continue, practice a philosophy of extinction. Theospinners, my more honest name for theologians, might have something to say to me about that, I don’t know.  Let us remember in modern times that for some reason “atheism-agnosticism” implies some sort of hyper protestanism, those secular humanists or followers of some other sort of cult or neo-praxi of life, such as Alain De Botton’s, labeled with the pretense “secular” as if they live out some “null state” that’s like saying they don’t have an accent… everyone has an accent. 

If some thinks it’s not proper for a devout catholic man to be starting a publication that could be put in the same category as South Park, I offer this social proof… 

To hate festivity and excitability and vulgarity is simply to hate humanity. 

-G.K. Chesterson


I’ll tell you these Victorian folk are so misanthropic.  Unbreakable etiquette, like croquet and country clubs is for those Episcopalian heretics. 

I began this publication as an escape from the odd jobs, to end my life of freeting. There were other endeavors. Painting some things, a development hell in starting a film, various initiatives to sell practical nick nacks. But none of it brought me the energy I needed to get to some critical mass. I’ve got a Martian spirit. I’m only at peace when I’m at war. 


The only perfect pleasure in life is the pleasure for fighting for something in which one passionately believes. 

-G.K. Chesterson 


I am a churchly man but do have my pet mortal sins. I’m quite the luster but I tend to keep it online on the “tubes.” It frees me from the drama of a fling. It’s quite a hard one to shake, but if I never conquer the crime of misplacing erotic desire I’ll be sentenced just under hell’s Penthouse, limbo, that’s filled with the good pagans and intermittently in my eternal torment always reaching for a woman’s body I desire but never quite consummating with her, I could have discussions with Seneca, and perhaps after millennia in limbo he would have come up with how to handle hell stoically, or perhaps not. 

Like most chronic mortal sinners, humans in general, I find peace in myself not having another man’s corruption. Everyman with a Homer Simpson belly walking into the local franchise of His Holy Church is wearing his gluttony with his Sunday’s best. Even the priests especially up north choose to dress in gluttony failing to hide it under their pious vestments. I also find a pattern in so many of them being Italian, ”Doin’t yah know dat pasta ain’t paleo padre.” 

There’s hope for change though, whenever the prodigal son had more than his fill of potato chips and porno the Father is always on standby to run back and the son who says sorry and grows closer to Him with even more strength. If there’s any hymn originally sourced from popdom that would encompass the point of Catholic Christianity I think “I Get Knocked Down” by the Chumbawumbas would get to the point. With some minor reversing of course. 


Fractures well cured make us more strong. 

-Fr. George Herbert 



Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. 



Tis’ a wonder that the anti-christ and a diciple of christ can agree with something so fundamental. Is it not the labels that divide us the most? 

My political taste: 

Like all Good Ole Liberals I tend to have a plural of coloring, the only thing that puts us in common is a minimal government. Depending on the climate I’d say I’d end up in these coalitions. 


Libertarians, Ole’ Liberals, Austrian Economics, Alex Jones, The End is Nigh, Freedom Pie 



A conservative party close to being only concerned with systemic ruin at the largest scale that humanity can f**k up, the planet earth. Of course since the greens are also act as a trojan horse for socialism, the system that “has never really been tried” I like to stay away from them. Though I’m sure its a good sell for someone only concerned with the environment as the average Cuban and Venezuelan must have an environmental impact so low from resource scarcity that the Lorax would want to bow down and kiss their feet while they exit their breadlines and return to their ‘50 Chevys. 


Traditional communitarians, with principles of subsidiarity and solidarity- that sense belonging and of obligation to one another. The teenager inside me describes himself as an anarcho-communitarian. 


Profit is food for a better world.


Feed thyself first then with immediacy get to teaching others how to feed themselves. If they cannot be taught feed them yourself. 

I find that sustainable communitarianism is best enforced from the bottom up to be guided by culture and persuasion and not by the state. 


Ask of the Gheist not of the Gov.


A Gheist can move men with more effectiveness than any gov could ever wish for. 

How do we build a gheist? With stories, art, speeches and talks at the bar. If you are more aggressive, like Goebels, there’s also propoganda. That’s only a word we use for adds we disagree with. 

Make it lovely to give and unlovely to mise. Make it lovely to share and unlovely to hold away. Make it lovely to have prudence and unlovely to be prodigal. Make it lovely to take risk and unlovely to sit on the sidelines without necessity. 

This, of course, is built on the Scottish Enlightment’s two great statements on human nature. 


People want to be loved and to be lovely. 

-Adam Smith 


Reason is a slave to the passions. 

-David Hume 


Under the orange flag I also stand by the socialist mantra… 


From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

-Louis Blanc

“Needs” tis’ an opaque word. Need for what? That is the question. Contentment and survival of the community perhaps? One must accept or reject that first, and is there not a window of contentment that intervals in the middle of some S-curve?  The mark of nature.  Perhaps need and want can be replaced with “take what can even provide value to yourself.” Enjoy the bounty of the world but run away from obesity.  More on that later. 

Under the orange flag I also follow this… 


Unjust inequality is not remedied by equality, but by just inequality. 

-Don Colacho 


What would that mean… 


With great power comes great responsibility. 

-Uncle Ben 




The communitarian says deep down:


There is no “I” without the other. 


My “I” is always with respect to the others. Without the others I have no “I”. But the I is there. It is not dissolved into the WE, it is also not without the foundations of the other. Ayn Rand’s “I”, if I am not committing the sin of strawman, is an impossibility. I question the existence of the “I” in a vacuum. 


The communitarian contra the modern state: 

The Friar, descended from centuries of tradition tinkering on how to do is job, forming a cell of a well evolved organ of civilization is a grand superior to the parasitic social-worker-bureaucrat enslaved by the neo-maniacal cultural whims of the day. One is a cell in a healthy organ, one is a cell in a tumor that begs for more and more money till the people beg for its removal. 


The opposite of the integral society where all feel as an I in the whole, is the water bed state, a culture that liquefied the lattice that held society together… The fractal family and is now smothered by bureaucracy to cover the downside of radical individualism. The problem is with the water bed state… one slice of its skin, and what is brought upon is the break down. Anominie, the final pop of decadence, “The wrath of God.” 

Here I find myself deeply Toquevillian. 


Tory Blue 


The idealist tends to become Icarus. 


The “grand vision” skeptics. The skeptics of new ontologies eg skeptical of new natures of marriage, the state, of new discernments of dignity, especially dignity. Dignity comes from culture, not from “science”. All science can tell us, perhaps in the discipline of complexity, is what assignments of dignity lead to what out comes in a population. 


Idiosyncratic systems tend to have idiosyncratic consequences. 


 Science cannot tell what system and what consequences are “right” it can say what ones have staying power, and many incompatible moral systems appear to have that. If you value survival, like I do, those that last and continue are the morals that are good, true, and beautiful. If you hold contrary, enjoy your righteous path to oblivion. 

In essence… 

It could be best to describe me as a tradition exalting, quasi Paleo-Libertarian whose just fine with his neighbors practicing libertinage as long as those libertines do not go to the government to have them cover the downside of their behavior. 

As a devout catholic man, I say feel free to have a 100 man thrustin chain, big, gay, fab, sauce party in Henrietta apartments. It’s right across the street from the cathedral. Just don’t let us hear it or see it… Capiche. I don’t want the moans of recently out-of-the-closet Twinks drowning out the sublime sonatas of the organ. The Apollonallia that is the dressing of the Roman Catholic Mass deserves to not have any Bacchanalias disturb it. It’s just uncivil. 


//Frankly I’d rather create my own party 




Also known as the Good Ole’ Liberals (GOL). 

It’s mascot will be a fox. Why? Because an illiminato is the quintessence of cleverness. 

Why the name Illuminati? To rile up the booneyheads of course, which is a recreational pleasure. Plus, it just sounds really cool. 


It will run on an ANTI-ASSHOLES PLATFORM: Anti-thug, anti-cronie, Anti-renseeker, Anti-Puritan, Anti-Mafiosa, Anti-racebaiter, Anti-SJW, Anti-Socialist, Anti-Fascist, Anti-Buereacrat, Anti-Catty-Woman, Anti-NIMBYlton, Anti-interventionist, Anti-Ecoexploitist… etc. 

It would be colored in brilliant saffron riding a tiger revolting against the decadent world.  

The tiger being a Dionysian beast arousing the masses into action poetically playing into their hopes and fears,

the rider being an Apollonian mind steering the violent and aroused tiger with principled reason. 



Precaution – Skepticism – Empiricism

Its Cultural Orthopraxy

Subsidiarity – Solidarity

Subsidiarity: Problems are best made at the most subsidized scale. That means the municipality over the Fed. Perhaps that means


Freedom coming from Skepticism. Dynamic gradual Minarchy. A state that constantly inflates, because that’s what happens unchecked, but also deflates at similar rates. Environmentalism, Global Non-interventionism , “Fiscal Conservatism” From precaution. An operationalization of Skin in the Game at all scales. Perhaps with words call it… 


“Organicism”/ “Decentralization”

Jane Jacobs-Erasmus-Edmund Burke-Nassim Taleb-Toqueville


The Fetish country: Socialism has its Denmark, Neocons and Puritan Evangelicals have their Israel, Good Ole’ Liberals have their Switzerland. 


The Swiss are radical subsidiarians even emotionally. Go to a music festival and the Swiss man will be flying the flag of their canton. In America that would be akin to me flying the flag of my county! I’m all for it. Heil Chatham,  Heil Savannah, Jewel of the Low Country the Golden Coast of the  oriental shores in the Occidental Continent. Seducer of the traveler, quick sand to the heart, Siren that sings to the world and sends all to la dolce vita in my Savannah.


The Swiss also are Direct Democratic. It’s all about petitions and referendums my comrades with a deliberation period for the sake of precaution. Ask a Swiss fellow about this. Some don’t like it. It’s strenuous, it’s exhausting. I’ll respond it’s the cost of killing the lobbies.


With Direct Democracy we likely get more stupid ideas, but way less corruption. At small scales stupid ideas can sort themselves out. When a mouse jumps off a cliff and hits the floor it can survive another day, when the horse jumps off the cliff it will splatter… scale matters.


‘Tis just a bunch of notes… a more complete manifesto to come. 

If this all sounds a little Talebian.** Well it is. If I have any grand influence it’s from Taleb, in fact I might have entered into a hero cult with him kind of similar to the way Milo calls Dondald Trump “Daddy” but with out any of the eroticism involved. The man is a knight in my eyes and a man to live up to which in this world is still a hard find. Don Nicholas Nassim Taleb di Amioun i Brooklyn. He Orthodox*** I a Catholic, we both deeply skeptics, practitioners of bohemian like life styles, and champions of organic aesthetics found in baroque, gothic, modernisme, art-noveat, etcetera. Before I knew of his ideas, I came to see myself as Catholic Christian because it works. I was over joyed to read he holds similar reasons for his practicing of Orthodoxy. He was also an environmentalist with a libertarian coloring with concerns for the market… hard to find as I said before green tends to complement itself with red… I found my self to become a bit of a libertarian with a communitarian attitude that as a teenager spoke of shooting up Japanese whalers with AKs. When looking at the static nature of public housing I thought up for the need of what I call easily iteratable space or architectre and planning with options in cities especially for the poor. In antifragile he mentioned how it should be easy to remove buildings, at this moment I realized I found my hero, and from my hero I realized theres nothing to be ashamed of for revering a man. He calls Ralph Nader the most Honorable Lebanese since Hannibal. #Herismo 

Cheers, Slainte, Saude, 

Brendan Hegarty 

**Black Swan guy. 

***From my understanding he really is now Orthopraxically Orthodox and Spiritually a pagan.