Educational Video Game. The solution to our edu problem?

One of my friends from high school notoriously played World of Warcraft for nine hours a day. Yes nine hours a day. This was back in the middle of the last decade, but this however is common. 

Video Games are a mixed bag while my friend was playing WoW, I would head over his house quite frequently and use his idling XBox, to play games that he wasn’t using. Typically, Elder Scrolls and Halo. These games gave somethings. In Elder Scrolls I learned it was just fine to play your own game, in Halo your given this great sense of grandeur. With WoW, I’m sure one could get a whole lot of leadership and management skills depending on what they did. I’m sure with all of them you also develop your spatial intelligence.

Video games have huge potential, however, in education. What my friend who played WoW spent that time learning a foreign language, learning how to draw up and test inventions with CAD and CAE (computer aided engineering) respectively, what if he learned to put on great dramas compose dances and music in a game. This is quite possible now. With a video game you could blow past duolingo in learning with having language zones with highly encriptive environments. Say the Spanish zone could have Spanish and Mexican architecture with someone doing the Argentine Tango in a square. Our minds tag the language to the environment so when you learn Spanish in a Mexican looking place, it’s easy for you to speak Spanish in a Mexican looking place. Read Brain Rules to get more what I’m talking about. That could be paired with active conversations that already take place in video games but with laws that only allow the language for the zone. This is just a layer.

The other layer that gaming is missing is as an engineering toy. Why not encourage invention for stuff in the real world by developing scenarios analogous to real world problems in the game. Say make virtual things that would work in real physics, have them tested in CAE. In CAE keep the outcomes from what damage could be done to it and program efficiently into an object that could be used in the game. Some problems with this is that of over optimization to a specific problem, which is how I find F1 leads to not much innovation in real consumer cars. The solution. It’s a game you can program in as many “black swan” events that you want.

Another layer could be business skills, which many games I understand already have in someway. Such as Eve Online. This really just means having an economy as part of the game mechanics.

With kinect you can also teach kenetic skills like self defense and dance and quite possibly even compose dances.

This creates simulations for real skills we need in the real world, and it comes more naturally. Adventuring in a video game is much more natural to our experience than moving from room to room on some class bell. It would be more effective, it can be continuously improved quickly. 




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