4 things that make hell on earth


This is fear at its finest this is the death of fluidity and it is dangerous to have. Models and stories tend to be false, some just work better than others. If you aren’t willing to shift to something that works better, your’e just going to hurt yourself.

Conviction tends to create conviction too. The new Athiests didn’t show much conviction till they started having a duel with the bible belt. Xenophobia tends to be a cause of ethnic gangs within poor immigrant. Religions don’t become very tribal till a tribe comes about from defense. That model could potentially explain the nationalistic Catholicism of Spain from the fight to reconquer the peninsula, the IRA from the fight to reconquer Ireland, etc.

Avoid the convicted, and know when you are in a situation that creates conviction, because our long term survival depends on us being fluid.


Self Obsession

There is no need to take over the world or have everyone work for you. There’s no need to take a library of pictures of yourself in model poses its not flattering. Self obsession takes away consideration, humility, etc. Self Obsession creates pride and envy depending on your place on the number line. Self obsession prevents us from that feeling of loving, it cheats us out. Who wins more when someone experiences the Ben Franklin method of gaining friends. The person who receives the favor, or the person who gave begins to feel in love in a philial sense, the one who begins to think less of them self by doing something for others


Did you get your chores done today, great. Oh what about the groceries, oh, and did you pay all those bills, oh you got them payed early, excellent. Did you see how your friends were doing, and your very “useful” connections, awesome, you got to work that power base right? Did you catch the news, and check your: Email, Social Media, Now look back and realize that you have got nothing significant done. Yes, nothing significant on that oh so critical path. That one that will give you financial freedom, that one that will give you a life of takumi.

This is where lounging around tends to be more productive than doing chores, at least when your lounging you can come up with a plan of action for your critical path.


Minding our own business is hard especially for those that have no business, have nothing really significant going on in their lives so they gossip.  They talk about the affairs of others, they babble on about the insignificant. There’s no need to know any of it. Its damage from idling. solution, stop idling.


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