A Hierarchy of Luxury

These is a heuristic I use when increasing the quality of my life. It is something that I find not many people have in practice, but by having a hierarchy we can add utility to our lives efficiently, here’s how mine goes:

Good Books > Good Food > Good Bedding > Good Clothing > Good Shelter >  Good Transportation > Good Parties.

Additive luxuries I would define as things for non productive pastimes- surfing, golf, etc. This being different from what I would describe as enhancing luxuries– things that add value to things that we already have to do, sleep, eat, learn, etc. Sometimes, I find it really hard to beat a spontaneous party of Pandora, friends, and a six pack from Wal- Mart, and additive luxuries I don’t bother with to much.

Essentially this amounts to that I’d rather live in a tent near wholefoods with a loaded kindle, than hit up the hottest club every weekend  in a nice car and eat at Kroger, Shop-Rite, what have you, with an empty library, and an apartment. I would argue this does make plain ole’ sense. “you are what you eat” and “you are what you read” are common sayings. These are fundamental. It’s what you put in your body and what you put in your mind. So I pick this battle even when I’m living like the porvello. The payoffs over time make sense.


Tips and Tricks

  • Good Books
    • Book curators are a Godsend. You can go and read the books that fit your fancy from stumbling upon them, but its wise to listen to people who read a ton and sort out the crap. Crap books can kill you, you may be listening to a charlatan.
    • Some book Curators
      • Josh Kaufman, author of the Personal MBA. This guy’s list makes me feel like I wasted 8 years in high school and college, and its all for those fundamental skills, not communication or calculation
      • Dominic Cummings, a British politician who advocates an “Odyssean” education, click on the link to read more.
      • Ryan Holiday
  • Good Food
    • Whole Foods, Chipoltle, you get the picture
  • Good Bedding
    • Sheets: Brooklynin– affordable high-end quality sheets.
    • Comforter: Rumpl – made out of the same material as camping gear, so its easy to clean.
  • Good Clothing

Feel free to suggest hierarchies of your own, and products you would use to enhance things you already have to do in your life.


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