Bourgeois Brilliance

We Ole’ Liberals tend to be an enterprising group of folks. That’s why we like good ole’ liberalism, if there’s a problem we could go to some anarcho-syndicalist hall and have a bunch of meetings. We could start another governmental department and take care of our wealthy friends by giving them a grant to make something that at least looks like a solution. We good ole’ liberals know the most agile, quick, and sustainable way to solve problems is through honorable entrepreneurship. Done those in the knight hood who live under the yellow banner of freedom, the risk taker. From St. Catharine of Sienna to the Silicon Valley Maverick.

Underwear and Solar Panels

A week or so ago I decided to upgrade what holds the delicacies between my legs together. I’ve been meaning to level up to a pair of MeUndies from the drab, not so soft pair of Haines that you get because its that pair of clothes that nobody sees. When people actually do see them they don’t seem to care. But there is something that cares and that’s my booty. It desires to be draped in man’s pinnacle of softness. That is micromodal fabric.

What was brilliant about my Me Undies experience has nothing to do with the underwear, but has a whole lot to do with how I will end up buying more. You see the price of a pair of MeUndies is pushes the patience. $16… $20… what else could I buy with that. 10 cups of coffee at my favorite cafe, 5 Kombucha bottles, 6 drinks at the legion hall, 5 or 6 pairs of Wal*Mart panties from which I’m trying to upgrade from.

Knowing that some of their customers live off modest pay, they offer something brilliant: A subscription.

There’s something beautiful about subscriptions that goes beyond the realm of publishing. While subscribing to this, every month silky soft cradles for my though-shalt-not-be-seens will arrive at my doorstep for just another $16 shipping included. I don’t have to think about going back to the site and dealing with all the psychological over head of ordering more. You know that stress you get from second guessing a purchase, all the anxiety of potential buyers remorse. See this is where a subscription model has its benefits… Yes I could go back every month when my bank account replenishes but what a nuisance that would be.

Beyond the Briefs

There’s other transactions that this could be applied to break down the great wall to the sale a foundational skill of the entrepreneur.

One I would like to point out is Solar Panels. These are expensive suckers. It seems that the only people to buy these things to power an entire household are environmentalist fundamentalists with modest incomes or wealthy folks that want to put off an eco-posh aesthetic. Tis’ a shame they do not dress the roofs of more, they are a key tool in delivering a distributed society. They provide a high level of optionality, minimizing exposure to extortion from electric companies. They can aid in creating an “antifragile” electric system in cities, with households delivering extra power into a utility cloud** and prevent power outages because the grid would have extreme multiple redundancy.


The first key in packaging it would be to deliver a minimum viable product… that can scale through a simple repeating transaction into a larger product. A pair of underwear can scale into a week’s worth of underwear. A solar panel and a battery that can charge a computer or a phone can scale into a solar array and battery array that can power a house, and on the way there providing enough power for part of a house.

This form of value delivery also prevents going into debt, which I would argue is one of the loveliest things somebody can have in life. Shall we wonder where else this could be applied?

** I’ll explain more about what this is later in a series I’ll call urban programming.



For the Sake of Ole’ Liberalism


There was a piece in the Connect in April featuring Word of Mouth and their “Anti-Capitalist” strategy for an album release which clearly displays that there is a large group of folks who are a bit around my age who have not a single idea what capitalism is. An experimental form of value delivery is not “Anti-capitalist” its just an experimental form of value delivery. Ah hm may I explain for the sake of Ole Liberalism as Bernieheaded Melennials, I find, are becoming a threat, a stubborn minority that could reign in socialism.

Capitalism != Consumerism

Finding existential worth in the things that fill your house is one of the greatest cancers of the modern and decadent world. Consumerism comes from the culture that chooses it not from the human desire to “truck, barter and exchange” that makes up capitalism.

Capitalism != Commodification

A criticism of capitalism is that it may lead to the commodification of close to everything and ruin any “Mutual giving” relationship which tends to be a fundamental human experience. Religions tend to hold these things quite sacred. The quintessential commodification of the sacred is prostitution.

Capitalism != Slavery

Desire for optionality can be demanded in the market place. Optionality is a measurable thing that is very close to what we are talking about when we are talking about “Freedom”, and “Liberty”. Lets demand cheap transportation that’s child’s play to maintain. Lets demand the same thing for housing. Non GMO/ Organic food is in the middle of a conquest, and most people don’t even care about it, except for eco-radicals that run on persuasive myth like green peace or rigorous derivations like Nassim Taleb. We have just gone through an era where what was demanded was boogie heroine from the shopping mall that you store in your McMansion bought from debt. Just like a few radicals can force organic to dominate the grocery store shelves, a few radicals can force Low-maintenence/debt-not-necessary housing on the marketplace. I simply requires a stubborn minority. For more google “Stubborn Minority” and “Optionality” what you will find of course is papers done by Don Taleb.


Stubborn Minorities do come up against some resistance, that shows the audacity to do close to anything. As follows…

Capitalism != Corporatism

This is more or less our current system. With Cronies and rent-seekers. What’s a rent seeker you ask?

No its not some fella looking to rent a home.

No its not a land lord looking for his tenants rent.

It’s an established business spooked that someone else may be able to provide more value than they do so they “pay up” to a politician, they grease the hand of a bureaucrat.



There once was a Brock von Block toiled and boiled in blood in sweat in tears,

He was making his way with his own pay, storing documents and letters in a tower of brick and mortar with more business day by day.

It took him ten years to reach critical mass, but after that climb he was so proud he spoke with sass. Then along came a threat a barrage,

some fellow created the hardrive in an afternoon his garage.


The young man didn’t even leave school,

he designed it while lounging by his pool.

Brock von Block was made to look like a fool.

But a Misuer NIMBYlton came by who knew how to strike a deal on the fly.

“Regulations my dear sir, tis your problem with the wrinkleless man. The idea is to rule him out till his life is like a fly against the fan.

Let me prick your finger and shall you sign on the dotted line, sell your honor and your cash and your bank account will remain just fine.”


Brock von Block thought about what he had to lose his soul? In his heart he saw no fuse. He stopped by the news stand in which he found another fuseless player with Mr. NIMBY.


“How yah doing Brock von Block, I can tell what you’ve got on you. You’ve got the empty eyes. A lovely surprise. Do you see right here Mr. NIMBY saved me. Oh the humanity! There was an online news stand that would of put me out. But Mr. NIMBY began to shout, ‘Everyone, everyone, come along, online news stands cause cancer preach it, preach it!”


In one of the magazines Brock von Block did see that there was a fella with a novel way to construct buildings. Prefab from garbage slag half price of brick and eco-friendly.

Brock von Block thought how he could expand with such technology. His business good grow in his house he could buy a slope with snow, and a cottage by the river, everyday he could row.

NIMBYlton was on the news now. “Slag block destroys the rocks, acid rain, it’ll set fire to the plain use bricks or don’t use anything at all!”

A brick layer came by the news stand and shouted, “This NIMBYlton, what a man.”

An angel came by to Brock, “Here is some skin in the game man.”


#Another parable of rent-seeking on a larger scale you can find in the documentary Brexit which displays lazy continentals going to brussels to prevent high quality east asian goods from entering the union through regulation etc. One related and classic is the parable of the #

This is the case of the rent-seeker. The one who uses the government to hold their position. It’s a disgusting habit that prevents the pie from being expanded, that prevents fracturing and dynamism in the market.

I’ve spoken to some quintessential friendly neighborhood rent-seekers. Those restaurateurs who don’t want those bloody food trucks ruining their business. They talk about them like the Culchie farmers of Ireland talk about the Tinkers.* “Them gypos with there caravans are just going to take the money and run.” Without tax, with out rent, with out this paperwork and that paperwork.

I’ve actually even tried to persuade a brick and mortar restaurateur that food trucks are a great thing even if they would inevitably destroy his current business. This is where I realized that I am not a master class persuader, with the crown jewel of selling ice to an eskimo. From that conversation, however, I was able to get a clue about what most of the conversations may look like.

I could tell them how healthy capitalism is about creative-destruction. Poetically: A ghiest of Shiva-Bramha flies throughout the world Shiva setting fire to the inefficient the ineffective, the annoying, those who don’t create great value. Bramha a deamon that brings creative genius to clever. He brings new value into the world, brings more sophisticated ways in fulfilling our desires, inseparably part of Shiva’s destruction.

They may say how its unfair how hard they worked boo hoo. Find religion learn how to grieve loss, find meaning in the keep going, not in the scoring. Get some Augustinian pessimism… with respect to our human feelings the world will always be unjust, a “truly just world” can only be fathomed as something a bit beyond our current existence.

This is where the friendly neighborhood rent-seeker espouses the toddlers concept of unfair “Sally is prettier than me someone throw acid on her face.”

They may say what about my livelihood. I say what about friends, family, and fraternity, those shoulders to cry on, those couches to sleep on. Unless you’re a total ass-hole you’ve likely got those folks, and then they can cheer you up and get you back in the game. That’s capitalist part of a free and open society till we die we can always get back in the game.

They may say “You can’t just say these things. What about this? What about that?” To think this is coming from entrepreneurs! Great entrepreneurs are people of faith, of psychotic convictions. Some like Tim Ferriss preach methodological ways in increasing probabilities of success: lean testing things of that nature to lower amount that’s getting risked. But still there is the life of the Jetinho-branco**** you find a way, you figure it out.

But really its not about the food trucks. I’m not going to lie, these things really come off as being fetishistic like the high speed trains. “If we just get food trucks, bike lanes, and high speed trains Jesus will come again and we will forever live in happy happy land.”

I have a rule-of-thumb/heuristic when I feel that myself or a community is falling into this. I step back and ask…

What the hell am I trying to do?

In the end I don’t want food trucks I want what food trucks can provide better than what “brick and mortar” watering holes can provide- a more differentiated market that can better suit my needs and wants. What’s even better with food trucks would be to have folks just sell pre-maid food out of their homes air bnb style***, and with that there’s a precedence of civil disobedience against the vile bureaucrats aiding rentiers. Then I could finally get that paleo cheese steak that I always wanted with out having to make it my self:

1 paleo coconut wrap

1/4 lbs of chopped liver

1/4 lbs chopped marrow meat

Shaved Dubliner cheese on top for that nutty punch

Dressed with buttery sauce with tomato and spices for good measure.

Some kraut on the side.


“Yum, yum Coward, this is a Philly cave man style.”

An uberization of restaurant’s will also allow us absurd convenience. In my little leave-it-to-beaver barrio on 31st Lane and Whitaker where I am known by the other’s in the village as that fella with the long hair who thinks keeping his dog in the yard is rocket science and loves to awkwardly leave all his windows open. I could have the opportunity to go next store and get my paleo cheese steak without it having to be a gift. Some would ask why not just do that? If they’re your neighbor you could just have a dinner date… but that’s a whole different phenomenon, which first, well, requires a “date”.

There is the communitarian “gifting economy” which has many payoffs. In many transactions we must ask…

To gift or to gross?

To gift leads to bonds to gross leads to bounty.

Some transactions can be a little bit of a hybrid. Like some generous tip you give a bartender when he slips you a mention that he’s in the middle of struggling times. Or quinessentially the ending of It’s a wonderful life. But bonds are expensive, they’re necessary for our survival, the Randian world of cold transactions is a fantasy. But cold transactions do pay off, and having a not-so-intimate experience paying my neighbor so they can make a steak, leads to bounty since I am freed from investing in a fraternal relationship. #Capitalism

Of course, if I chit chat with them I get a little bit of a bond 🙂

From my understanding West Savannah, beset by recent tragedy with a mother of many getting shot, had their community leader proclaim their need for a grocery store and not more cathartic protests. Why is it that some enterprising neighbor can’t put a bunch of fridges in their backyard with a POS on the phone and distribute groceries locally. With a tight community marketing overhead shrinks you’d probably not even need to be as presentable as a save a lot. Just have a place that can store a lot of food, with people perceiving and the grocery store delivering on the perception that is safe to eat. Other wise what’s wrong with a backyard shack with fridges and a light, and an excuse to small talk the neighbor that runs the place?

Of course city bureaucrats, perhaps, will come up with unnecessary problems that they solve to keep us convinced that their jobs are “useful.” An to make sure established businesses get to remain established.

Is the skin in the game that a house wife has in her kitchen that is used to feed her own babies not enough to signal its safety for a paying customer to eat from? Of course theirs dumb mothers but the Bramha-Shiva will punish her.

Capitalism is golden. Capitalism is lovely. Capitalism sends us to the land of milk and honey.

NOTE: One solution I can see to Savannah’s corruption issues is for someone to start an “uber for landscaping” I think that will remove a corporatist tumor from city hall. 😉

*This magazine is called impolite society so if you think I’m going to use the word “British-Irish Travellers of the Pavee culture” put this magazine back up on the sacred pedestal you found it and run away you Victorian-mouthed heathen.

***Here I spilled another billion dollar idea. Father in heaven forgive me.

****Por favor voce nao esta um malandro.

Being Well Played

Being well read has been valuable thing to be, but media is changing, and many video games have shown to be able to convey ideas and aesthetics with great effectiveness. Here’s a list.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Bio Shock Series

Elder Scrolls III

Half Life series

Portal series

Pretty obvious list but more to come when I think of it.


4 things that make hell on earth


This is fear at its finest this is the death of fluidity and it is dangerous to have. Models and stories tend to be false, some just work better than others. If you aren’t willing to shift to something that works better, your’e just going to hurt yourself.

Conviction tends to create conviction too. The new Athiests didn’t show much conviction till they started having a duel with the bible belt. Xenophobia tends to be a cause of ethnic gangs within poor immigrant. Religions don’t become very tribal till a tribe comes about from defense. That model could potentially explain the nationalistic Catholicism of Spain from the fight to reconquer the peninsula, the IRA from the fight to reconquer Ireland, etc.

Avoid the convicted, and know when you are in a situation that creates conviction, because our long term survival depends on us being fluid.


Self Obsession

There is no need to take over the world or have everyone work for you. There’s no need to take a library of pictures of yourself in model poses its not flattering. Self obsession takes away consideration, humility, etc. Self Obsession creates pride and envy depending on your place on the number line. Self obsession prevents us from that feeling of loving, it cheats us out. Who wins more when someone experiences the Ben Franklin method of gaining friends. The person who receives the favor, or the person who gave begins to feel in love in a philial sense, the one who begins to think less of them self by doing something for others


Did you get your chores done today, great. Oh what about the groceries, oh, and did you pay all those bills, oh you got them payed early, excellent. Did you see how your friends were doing, and your very “useful” connections, awesome, you got to work that power base right? Did you catch the news, and check your: Email, Social Media, Now look back and realize that you have got nothing significant done. Yes, nothing significant on that oh so critical path. That one that will give you financial freedom, that one that will give you a life of takumi.

This is where lounging around tends to be more productive than doing chores, at least when your lounging you can come up with a plan of action for your critical path.


Minding our own business is hard especially for those that have no business, have nothing really significant going on in their lives so they gossip.  They talk about the affairs of others, they babble on about the insignificant. There’s no need to know any of it. Its damage from idling. solution, stop idling.

Educational Video Game. The solution to our edu problem?

One of my friends from high school notoriously played World of Warcraft for nine hours a day. Yes nine hours a day. This was back in the middle of the last decade, but this however is common. 

Video Games are a mixed bag while my friend was playing WoW, I would head over his house quite frequently and use his idling XBox, to play games that he wasn’t using. Typically, Elder Scrolls and Halo. These games gave somethings. In Elder Scrolls I learned it was just fine to play your own game, in Halo your given this great sense of grandeur. With WoW, I’m sure one could get a whole lot of leadership and management skills depending on what they did. I’m sure with all of them you also develop your spatial intelligence.

Video games have huge potential, however, in education. What my friend who played WoW spent that time learning a foreign language, learning how to draw up and test inventions with CAD and CAE (computer aided engineering) respectively, what if he learned to put on great dramas compose dances and music in a game. This is quite possible now. With a video game you could blow past duolingo in learning with having language zones with highly encriptive environments. Say the Spanish zone could have Spanish and Mexican architecture with someone doing the Argentine Tango in a square. Our minds tag the language to the environment so when you learn Spanish in a Mexican looking place, it’s easy for you to speak Spanish in a Mexican looking place. Read Brain Rules to get more what I’m talking about. That could be paired with active conversations that already take place in video games but with laws that only allow the language for the zone. This is just a layer.

The other layer that gaming is missing is as an engineering toy. Why not encourage invention for stuff in the real world by developing scenarios analogous to real world problems in the game. Say make virtual things that would work in real physics, have them tested in CAE. In CAE keep the outcomes from what damage could be done to it and program efficiently into an object that could be used in the game. Some problems with this is that of over optimization to a specific problem, which is how I find F1 leads to not much innovation in real consumer cars. The solution. It’s a game you can program in as many “black swan” events that you want.

Another layer could be business skills, which many games I understand already have in someway. Such as Eve Online. This really just means having an economy as part of the game mechanics.

With kinect you can also teach kenetic skills like self defense and dance and quite possibly even compose dances.

This creates simulations for real skills we need in the real world, and it comes more naturally. Adventuring in a video game is much more natural to our experience than moving from room to room on some class bell. It would be more effective, it can be continuously improved quickly. 



Just-in-time (JIT) education: a model for an uncertain world

I once said to a gentleman older than I that “I am going to have to be Leonardo da Vinci just to survive”. This was a response to his comment on me dreaming too big and doing to many different things. Education is becoming more and more of a highly speculative bet, this explains my behavior. Unless your going all the way with physics or quantitative analysis, things are shifting so fast that betting many years paying out cash and forgoing income on school may not turn out well. Even software isn’t so solid as its development is getting more efficient, and other high skilled professions may gain the efficiency where less and less are needed in a industry. So, its best not to invest to much time in education unless the skills the are highly transferable. Say, seduction, a good set of hueristics from psychology and economics , a solid amount of math and physics, beyond that I’ll learn guitar when I get some tunes in my head, I’ll learn engineering skills and related tools when I have something to invent, etc.

Education has an inventory cost as well, I’ve been learning Portuguese again and again and again speculating that I will get to lie on one of those other worldly beaches in the Algarve Region within a couple of months. Didn’t happen, so my skills for a conversa just get rusty over and over again. The same happened to my MS Excel skills from high school, financial analysis wasn’t on my priorities list at age 15.

With more and more knowledge about the brain the know how is out there to get highly skilled really fast. We can have just in time education, and this frees us up to learn skills for a thing we expect to do soon. The Four-Hour Chef, by Timothy Feriss is the bible for this accelerated learning. It describes the DISS method which deconstructs a skill and focuses on the most critical, value producing elements. This is highly useful for anything where ones credentials is ones work and not some certification which is actually quite a bit (any art, any engineering that doesn’t require inspection, any content creation). This is perfect if you want to take part in this new vagabonding/sharing/gig/freelancing layer of society that does various jobs to get by. However, say the model that Duolingo, which offers certification based credentials, scales to other skill sets (coding, engineering, etc) we may be able to move to a world with the ability to have JIT education with certs. where you wouldn’t have to wait for a test which happens a couple of times a year or travel to a specific testing location. A problem could be cheetin, but Smart HR departments tend to test peoples skills at the interview anyway, see code interview. More importantly with the Duolingo model one can learn with extreme flexibility, and with more encryption, with the strategic reiteration of concepts from the program.

There is too much debt, gen Y looks like a bunch of blown up bankers, JIT education can probably fix this.